Don’t shut up,speak up!

All my life I’ve always felt alone, I could be in a room full of people and still feel like I was the only one standing there.. Why you ask? I never felt like I could connect with anyone. No one understood my fears, my pain or my struggles. Yet I carried the pain of others, from a young age I wanted to help people. It weighed on me when someone told me their fears rather small or big. It kept me up at night .. my mind would wonder how little ole me at the innocent age of 5 could help. Now as an adult as I stand in the mist of the world problems I constantly think of what I would do if a person was shot dead infront me? Would I run and turn a blind eye like most of my peers. No, I’d take the shirt off my back and do everything I could in my power to save a life. Why? Because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t. I can’t exactly pin point what God has placed upon me but I feel the need to protect people. But it’s hard being the only one in a room full of “I don’t care” people. Who would’ve thought the girl who was always told she wasn’t good enough,weak,too emotional and dramatic would raise above the hatred and turn into a phenomenal woman and I’m going to save lives the way only I can. No matter what illnesses I may carry. I don’t need anything or anyone to save the world. The answers are inside of me already. And I’m sure God knew my path before I did. I’m living in my truth and that’s the best job I can have. I once laid in the middle of the street with my eyes bruised shut and blood dripping from my elbows and knees as strangers walked passed, no one helped me then but I will be the hero to you that i once needed.. because I believe in a better tomorrow. So to you, little girl or boy.. don’t listen to the hate of nay sayers. I’m listening to you, I’ve been there and I’m here with you now. You’re worthy and so is your story!


Sincerely, your Hero