Emaje's story.

A year ago I was your average 20 year old. I loved eating whatever I wanted, shopping, reading books I actually found interesting and believing that plans actually go as planned. I felt free! As any young adult should! No limits,nothing holding me back. Until one day, I was a couple weeks into a new job. I was helping a customer and the stress of life you could say, finally caught up to my worry free body or so I thought. My heart was racing, I became lightheaded and my vision went with it. I immediately thought I was having a panic attack so I held on to the cash wrap but it was too late. Down I went, hitting my head on the opposite counter before collapsing on the floor. Minutes later I woke up to my co-workers surrounding me while the paramedics rushed me away.

Following my confusion I was seen at the nearest hospital. As time went by although I didn't understand what happen I thought I was fine. A kind nurse took my blood to run test for the doctor. The first of many doctors I would see over the next year came in to ask how I was feeling. I replied "I feel okay, may I go home now" She looked at me puzzled before saying "your blood work is fine but your heart rate is 135, that's pretty high while resting. Are you sure you're okay?". I took a moment to digest what she was trying to tell me. I asked what does that mean and still puzzled she says " You need to see a Cardiologist as soon as possible but for now you may go home." I was soon discharged from the hospital but not without a List of things I shouldn't eat or drink. That was the start of a new set of rules I had to play by.

As a result of my recent ER visit, over the summer months I met with an cardiologist. My plans no longer went as planned. I had test after test. Not the kind you can study for either. Everyday I was terrified of the unknown. Later I learned half the battle I was fighting. I have 3 valve leaks, Valve regurgitation. Through an ultra sound they discovered half of the problem. Most of my life I was always short of breath but like most people you just assume you are out of shape.

Fast forward I felt overwhelmed by information and everything I had known life to be, wasn't. I wanted to feel better, and I didn't feel like my doctor at the time was doing the best she could. So I switched Cardiologist. October 2016, I met my match. We tried medication to help with my heart rate. Unfortunately none of them worked. I lost hope a bit, I was frustrated like anyone would be. Afterward I was sent to another specialist electrophysiologist that would finally give me the answers I needed. We scheduled a Ep study/abalation procedure for February,8th,2017.

Moreover the procedure didn't go as planned, but this time it came with answers. During the procedure I was diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST) is an condition which is abnormally high- greater than 100 beats per minute. Which causes Fatique, shortness of breath, Syncope, and palpitations. My Life came full circle In that moment. The reality began to set in I was indeed a Super Hero, that for the rest of my life I will be dependent on medications to combat with my daily symptoms. I would have to fight a little harder than my peers. My condition is not Life-threatening however it makes life difficult. I find myself often both exhausted and in pain.

Lastly, I found a confidence inside my struggle. I was inspired to help others like myself and those fighting similar battles. I don't know anyone like me, but I know they're out there. No one should have to fight alone. I came up with the idea to combine my love of fashion and my passion to help others. And that is how "Baby Cupid" shirt was born! She is me and she is YOU. Thank you for coming along this journey with me. XO